Liabilities we insure

Having liability insurance is important to protect your client as an individual or for their business if they are at risk of being held legally liable for an incident such as property damage, injury, contractual obligations or negligence.  Even the most careful of people and businesses can be at risk of a liability claim.

It is critical for those that are business owners, individuals, property owners, product manufacturers, and retailers to have liability insurance as they have a responsibility towards their customers, employees, suppliers and community to ensure that they are insured against any negligence that they may be held liable for.  If found negligent, the financial and reputational costs associated with a liability claim can be devastating and it can easily cripple a business financially or their business reputation.

With this in mind, Ryno’s liability products have been designed to provide brokers like you and your clients with flexible and innovative solutions that are tailored for their individual needs.

We have designed liability insurance cover for several target industries. These products have been tailored to provide certain policy benefits for these industries.

Target Industries

The following industries are only a summary of the covers we are able to arrange. Should you need to inquire further on industries that are not listed below, please contact us.


Motels, Bed & Breakfast’s, Backpackers, Student Accommodation & Boarding Houses …


Domestic, Commercial or Industrial Cleaners… Ryno Insurance’s Cleaners Liability is polished to perfection!

Events & Market

Specialised Liability for annual & one-off Events & Markets.

General Liability

Flexible and innovative solutions for your General Liability needs.

Non profit text on missing puzzle background.


NFP’s, community groups, and enthusiast clubs… Check out this Liability!

Cropped image of a businessman fixing his tie against a white background

Project Managers

You manage your project, and we’ll manage your liability.

Property Owners

Ryno Insurance specialises in Commercial Property Owners Liability.

Shot of a young man smiling confidently at the door of a coffee shop


Restaurant’s, café’s, coffee & cake shop’s… Ryno’s Liability will compliment your insurance order nicely.


Ryno Insurance’s Scaffolders Liability reaches new heights!

Shopping Centres

Shop no more and check out Ryno’s Shopping Centre Liability!

Cropped shot of a carpenter making measurements on a plank of woodhttp://


Grab your high vis, lace up your boots and see how Ryno’s Tradies Liability measures up.

Transport & Logistics

Ryno Insurance’s Transport & Logistics Liability will aim to DELIVER all your clients liability needs…

Vacant Land

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, don’t fence me in!

Welders & Boilermakers

Ryno Insurance’s Liability for Welders & Boilermakers is SPARKTACULAR!

Policy Benefits

Ryno is able to arrange cover with the following automatic and optional extensions:

Our underwriters have extensive experience in the liability insurance market and combined with our broad appetite, competitive wording and premiums, it makes Ryno an excellent choice for your client’s liability insurance needs.  We are backed by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, which is the world’s leading insurance market providing specialist insurance services to businesses.

Contact the team at Ryno Insurance to find out how we can further assist your client to get the most appropriate liability insurance cover, in a wide range of industries.